Our work at Agents of Change has been impacted massively by the Covid-19 pandemic. Romania was put into lock–down on 21 March and all the institutions where we have programmes were already under quarantine. Our staff at the Day Centre in Podriga are doing everything they can to prepare for the future by planting out and growing more food than usual, and repairing and renovating the buildings. They are also visiting the most vulnerable of our beneficiaries (at a distance) with food parcels and hygiene products when they can get them. Weekly visits by isolated people to the Day Centre are no longer possible, denying them a place of warmth, shared food and social activities.
This suspension of activities comes at a sensitive time for us because we are in the process of sharing our projects and property with our local Monastery. Through a carefully negotiated agreement they will take on some key responsibilities including upkeep of the house and land, and we will extend our programmes in their community with new beneficiaries with poor mental and physical health and no access to health care. It is an exciting time for us but requires a great deal of skilled input regarding the legal documentation required. For the sake of the long term health of the partnership we have had to take on a new part-time administrator for a fixed period.
Our core team of three staff at the Day Centre will resume our outreach projects as soon as they can access the institutions again. We need to cover their wages, as well as minimum running costs for routine bills and fuel for the project vehicle.
Covid-19 means that we are not able to hold the events, stalls and talks which, together with your vital donations, are the source of our core funds from the UK.
Times are hard for us all, and the costs are always borne by those least able to bear them.
As such I am asking you to do more than you do already. The bare minimum required to keep the project viable in Romania is £4,500 per month. This covers staff salaries, government taxes, and basic supplies. We need to guarantee these salaries and taxes for the next six months as we build a partnership which will sustain the project for the long term. Please contribute all you can via the “donate” tab on this website.
Thank you and God bless you for all that you do, particularly at this most challenging time for all of us.
Alison L Butcher, Founder and CEO