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For 25 years we have been active in eye health and care in Romania. We first provided equipment and then set up our own eye clinic with a Romanian eye surgeon. She is now fully independent and we use the clinic for all our beneficiaries needs. We also have an agreement with Boots the Chemist in the UK for the re-use of donated glasses. We have supported hundreds of folk of all ages to get their eyes tested as in their locked-in institutions they have no access to any assessments at all.  Spectacles and other support are then available to them without payment. We are currently involved in arranging eye tests for school children with other known disabilities, who otherwise would not have access to such tests.

Early in 2019 we were donated in the UK two slit lamps to use in an eye hospital in Romania. An essential part of this was shipping these and other complicated equipment (by land) to key hospitals so they could carry out their work in improved conditions.

Our volunteer, Zeb, managed to dismantle both lamps which looked the same but we could not be sure. Every piece had to be labelled and packed individually. Nearing completion a wheel and the metal foot of one of them broke off in our hands. What to do? These pieces of equipment are very expensive and being an old model we did not think we could get a replacement. Zeb was determined and researched the web for parts. She found the company, Haag Streit UK, and we went to visit them.  Extraordinarily they were on the same road as the haulage company who ship all our supplies to Romania. They said give them a couple of days and they would search for us. Giles there found exactly what was needed. A miracle indeed! Here is a photograph of the equipment in use.      

We have also been assisted for many years by the charity Ophthalmic Aid for Eastern Europe (OAEE) and they continue to provide us with advice, equipment, and financial support. We thank them.

 Resolving their eye problems enables our beneficiaries to join in more fully with other programmes.  Additional funding would enable us to offer eye tests and treatment to many more people, so please consider donating for work which makes a significant difference to the lives of individuals.

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