Fun For All

In contrast to our medical programmes a highlight of the year was our own Olympics. The original plan was hatched by the directors of two of our institutions, Ionaseni and Dersca. Later Alison and Linda joined in the scheme. A unique day was to be arranged centring on a volley-ball match in the grounds of Dersca followed by a Bar-B-Q for sixty folks from institutions and elsewhere, with live music and generally fun for all.

We were greeted by a lady resident in traditional costume carrying bread and salt to give to all as a sign of welcome.  The court was measured, the nets set up and staff took on new roles in the managing of the events. The two teams were kitted out in sports gear, the weather was perfect, and some officials came from Social Services. It was magic and something that we never thought we would see even after all these years in Romania.

During the match, the volley ball got stuck up a tree. Out came staff with a ladder to rescue it and the game proceeded without further problems! Prizes were granted for all and everyone took turns to stand on the podiums (made from tree trunks) to receive them. I supported Dersca and LInda supported Ionaseni. We were presented with bouquets of flowers and thanks for our work in providing some transport. Larisa,  one of Agents of Change’s staff, who is blind, gave a concert of live music, and another staff member Viorel  joined in with recorded sessions.

It was indeed a “champagne day” filled with emotion and happiness. We hope to repeat it annually if our supporters can provide the funds for doing so. The picture shows Alison and Niculai at the event. Niculai has been known to us for thirty years, being brought up in Ionaseni. He doesn’t speak much but he sees us as his only family….. and we will continue to be so for as long as we can.

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