Keeping going…

keeping goingOur work in Romania has been severely curtailed during the lock-down. Due to the emergency we have had to put our staff on half pay. The regulations there have been much stricter than in the UK, denying us any access to our wonderful beneficiaries either in the institutions or in the community. We miss them and our work.

With time on our hands the best thing to do was to grow as much food as possible in our large field at the back of Podriga House. We always grow as much as we can to eat and in normal times some of the beneficiaries love to help. Viorel has been working hard on this, initially with the ploughing and sowing and now the weeding and watering. He has also grown more food than usual on his own land to put towards the project’s needs when our work reopens. Tatieana has been able to help out in recent days as police permission is no longer required to walk to the House. She’s seen here weeding the onions. Viorel has also used the time to catch up on the maintenance of the buildings.

We do not know when the situation will change but hope for the best. It may be that we will be in a position to make up and distribute food bags at some point, depending on how well the harvest goes.

At this time Alison does not know when she can return to Romania safely, nor when we can start our work again. We will keep you posted…..

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