A pleasant surprise!

Our animals have been busy during lock-down. Bobby the head dog likes to sit by his kennel surveying the land. He is an excellent guard dog – but very bored these days with no guests at the house. One of our cats took a shine to this vagabond with shaggy hair and short legs, and he responded by allowing her to spend much of her time sleeping on his back. Not long ago Tatieana realised that the cat had became pregnant, so took to giving her extra food. Aware that the kittens were due any day, Tatieana went in search of them to see how they fared but could not find them anywhere. Eventually they were discovered inside Bobby’s kennel, all snuggled up together with mama cat and Bobby. Bobby is now a very proud Dad…..

If you want to gift money for our animals (who were all rescued from harder times) please feel free to do so by our usual routes.

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