The legacy of Ceausescu

The world was horrified by the images of Romania’s orphanages which became widespread after the fall of Ceausescu’s regime. What is less well understood is the continuing struggle that survivors of those institutions have today with the trauma caused by their experience

Agents of Change was founded by Alison Butcher who was committed to work in the former Eastern Bloc after the revolutions of 1989. She worked in Romania, in the same institutions that the charity still supports, as well as other countries such as Bosnia and Kosovo (during the wars), Albania and Azerbaijan. Whilst in Bosnia during the Former Yugoslavian conflict she formed Agents of Change which later became a registered charity. Volunteers (local and international) accompanied her especially in Romania where the work has continued to this day. There is now a permanent presence of local staff and currently the work is based entirely in Botosani County, largely in the old care institutions, reaching up to 1,000 beneficiaries.

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