Our Work

Welcome to Agents of Change

Agents of Change, a UK based charity, works in Romania with people with special needs, primarily those with psychiatric problems. Our mission statement is “enabling people through health education and training”. We are here to empower people and each other in situations and countries where developmental skills and opportunities are lacking, particularly for those beneficiaries in the health care sector.

Our work centres on those living in institutions such as hospitals, recuperation centres and psychiatric units, as well as with those families isolated and managing their relatives with special needs in the community.

We work in the isolated north-east county of Botosani, assessed by the EU as the poorest in the country.

We help people of all ages. Our current youngest beneficiary is a baby of just a few months old,  and the oldest is 97. All have complex needs and we concentrate on those with mental health issues as well as those with mental and physical disabilities. You can meet some of the people we work with here.


“I wait with eagerness to come to Podriga Day Centre where I enjoy the programmes and liberties and respect” :  Dumitru, a beneficiary

“We love the patients and our work”: Tatiana, Podriga Day Centre staff member and house manager

“The collaboration is perfect between us and the charity”: Ioana, Director of a residential centre for adults with mental health issues and disabilities in Botosani County